Julie Schaufelberger, Wellness Director




 Start Date at Y:  March 2010 as a Personal Trainer, September 2011 as Wellness Director

Main Responsibilities at Y:  Provide members with a quality wellness/fitness experience whether it is through personal training sessions, setting up workouts, programming classes that challenge their fitness, or just encouraging them in their path to wellness!  Maintaning the Wellness Center and weight room are part of my responsibilities as well as planning special events that promote wellness and fitness. 

  Degrees/Education:  Bachelors from The Ohio State University in Physical Education.  YMCA Strength and Conditioning Certification. 

Family:  Husband: Matt, Children: Jake, Joey, Alli and Erin.  Dog: Slash – the kids named him when they were in a heavy phase of playing guitar hero :)

Hobbies:  I have 4 children…they ARE my hobby!  Getting them to and from their events keeps me busy.  When I’m not doing that, I enjoy riding my bike outside and creating workouts for cycling class.  I like reading, but I can’t remember the last time I have had time to even read a magazine or non-illustrated book!

Other Interests:  I like to e-mail or text friends to keep in touch with them and just say hello – my friends mean a lot to me.  We spend a lot of weekend time with many of our neighbors (who are like family) sitting around bonfires and getting our kids together.  And of course…working out!

What do you enjoy most about working at the Y?  I love interacting with members either in training sessions or informally in the Wellness Center.  For some of the members, the social aspect is what keeps them coming back.  Keeping members happy socially or through their workouts makes my job very enjoyable. 

Something Funny/Interesting No One Would Know/Figure about You:  I have a very ornery streak and sometimes say things that people would NEVER expect would fly out of my mouth!  Some people REALLY don’t get my weird sense of humor!