Martha Martin, Aquatics Director

 Start Date at Y:
April 2010

Main Responsibilities at Y:
As the Aquatics Director, I am in charge of all aspects of the pool area—including swim lessons, lifeguards, instructors, swim meets, all girl/women locker rooms and equipment.

4 years of High School and 2 years of College

Husband, Jack, and Children Megan Hurless, Michelle Hurless, Matt Hurless, Jena (Matt) Wierwille and Maria(Eric) Kreitemeyer.

Spending time with family and cooking.

Other Interests:
Assistant coaching the Van Wert High School Swim/Dive Team and the Marlins Swim Team; hanging out with seven of my best girlfriends and teaching children/adults to swim.

What do you enjoy most about working at the Y?
I love to socialize with the members and their children and getting to know them, love teaching swimming to people of any age, love working with the Y staff because we always have fun!

Something Funny/Interesting No One Would Know/Figure about You?:
When I was little I had stick-straight hair; I was a Campfire Girl from 1st grade until I graduated High School; my feet are as big as canoes and I am crazy and love to have fun (although you may all already know this last one)!!!!