Board of Directors

YMCA Executive Committee


Chad Adams – Past President
Chad Adams joined the Board in 2010 and is currently serving as Board President. He owns and runs Quality Painting & Roofing and lives in Van Wert with his wife, Amy, and two children, Mackenzie and Gavin. He also has a daughter Kyley Winklejohn, married to Mark, who reside on their own, with son Donovan.


Krista Schlemmer – President

Krista Schlemmer joined the board in 2012 and is the current Board President.  She is employed at Central Mutual Insurance Company.  Krista lives in the area with her three children, Paxton, Levi, and Deagan.



Rob Gamble – Vice President

Rob Gamble is currently serving at YMCA Vice President.  Rob is a Realtor with Bee Gee Realty.  He and his wife, Nicole, reside in Van Wert with their children Robbie, Jordyn and Fisher.









Mark Schumm – Treasurer

Mark Schumm joined the YMCA Board of Directors in 2013 and is currently serving as YMCA Board Treasurer.  Mark is the President of Van Wert Federal Savings Bank.  He and his wife, Julie have 3 children; Lauren, Lindsey and Jacob.








Dr. Shad Foster – Secretary

Dr. Foster joined the YMCA Board of Directors for his second tenure in 2019 and is currently serving as YMCA Board Secretary.  Dr. Foster owns and operates Foster Family Chiropractic in Van Wert.  He and his wife, Kelly have 3 children; Finley, Keaton and Flannery.  


Shaun Putnam – Parliamentarian
Shaun Putman also joined the Board in 2010 and is the Parlimentarian. He the owner of Putnam Law Offices, LLC and lives in the area with his wife, Shawna, and four children, Brynn, Kellin, Liam, and Beckam.


YMCA Board of Directors

Chad Adams, Krista Schlemmer, Shaun Putman, Rev. William Haggis, Rob Gamble, Mark Schumm, Sara Berheide and Gary Taylor

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